Max's Office - Office Hours [Wednesday afternoon]
Max was actually doing paperwork. Yeah. Talk about weird. But he'd gotten a letter yesterday that suggested he might well be recalled, and despite his natural tendency toward laziness, he didn't want to leave an administrative mess for anyone to clean up if he had to suddenly disappear.

The semester had been a good one, he thought. Good students. And they'd managed the 'final' pretty well. Adaptability was hard to teach, so it was nice to know that they'd all managed to pick up at least a bit along the way.

[Door open.]

25 Unicorn Street [Friday night]
Hey baby
Max was sitting on his sofa, feet kicked up on his coffee table, watching TV. And, predictably, drinking beer. It made him all reminiscent about the early days with Mitchell, learning TV and bar-hopping.

Good times, good times.

He'd considered going out, but, no, he'd do that tomorrow. It wasn't like he was spending all his time in his apartment.

Just... a lot.

Yeah, he should probably do something about that.


[Open if anyone wants to drop by.]

Max's Office - Office Hours [Thursday afternoon]
One cool dude
Max had been kind of lax about keeping up with his office hours this semester, mostly because things had been kind of chaotic.

But he was there today, just in case anyone wanted to stop by.

[Boring but open!]

Outside Anakin's Office [Saturday evening]
[Follows this.]

And just like that everyone returned to Fandom, right back outside the office they'd original departed from.

But while all the people who had left through that office were back, the one they'd all gone to find was rather conspicuously absent.

Things had not gone as planned.

[For those returning.]

25 Unicorn Street [Early Thursday evening]
Max had actually had a productive day. He'd worked through his notes on his students and had a pretty good idea of what he wanted to do next Monday. Then teaching some of his one-on-one kids (which was always interesting), then back to his place.

(Well, it was a productive day by Max standards, anyway.)

He'd just gotten out of the shower, dressed in a clean tshirt and jeans. Which meant it was time to consider food options.

Mmm... food.

[Expecting one, but open...]

Max's Office - Office Hours [Tuesday afternoon]
life is good
Max had been feeling antsy since yesterday afternoon. He did a little mental check and decided that it had clearly been far too long since he'd gone out. It was one of those kinds of itches, really. Not that he could do anything about that during his office hours.

Except, maybe, make plans. Maybe he should call someone to see if they were free...?

And so anyone who stopped by to talk to Max would find him Deep In Thought. Considering Very Important Matters.

Max's Office - Office Hours [Wednesday afternoon]
life is good
Max happened to think that his class was going well. The students seemed interested and invested, and they payed attention. All of that was good.

And it was also a subject he knew well, so his prep time was pretty low. Which meant he could spend his office hours napping. And there was no way that that was a bad thing!

The door was cracked in case anyone wanted to wander by, of course, but Max's feet were propped up on his desk and he was leaned back in his chair dozing.

Max's Office - Office Hours [Saturday afternoon]
One cool dude
Max was settled back comfortably in his chair, and for once he was actually reading something. In fact, he'd made notes about his various students. You know, just in case someone asked about them.

Not that he was expecting anyone to, or to even show up, but, still, it was worth being prepared. Or something. And, if he was lucky, he'd get a visit from a very attractive, very available female relative. Max loved those visits. Those were the best visits.

He'd keep his fingers metaphorically crossed.

A back alley in Paris [Early Wednesday afternoon]
One cool dude
Max's vacation had been... odd. He figured it was about time to head back to Fandom, though... He wasn't sure why, but he felt like someone had been tailing him through most of his time here in Paris, and it was a bit tiresome. Especially since he'd never spotted anyone.

Even with that, it had been relaxing enough. And he'd been able to check in with the Captain a few times without having to worry anyone since no one actually knew he was here. Well, except Cindy and Aphrodite, but neither of them had any idea what his schedule was like, so it amounted to the same thing.

Of course Portalocity kept deciding on the oddest places to pick him up and drop him off, so he found himself in a nice little house in an out of the way part of the city when he got back to Paris from the latest meeting. Well... whatever. At least Portalocity had deigned to use the same house for pick up and drop off this time. He had his orders. It was time to head back to Fandom.

Max slid on a pair of sun glasses and walked out the door into the quiet little alley. He had one more day to spend in Paris, and he intended to enjoy it.

[NFB for distance and all that jazz.]

A Cafe in Paris [Tuesday night]
Do I amuse you?
The cafe was just around the corner from Max's (very nice) hotel. He was quickly becoming a fan of the place. Enough of a fan that they recognized him when he walked in. He even got a flirty smile from the waitress as he found a seat. He returned the smile automatically, but he didn't really mean much by it.

He went ahead and ordered a plate of croissants and a couple of cups of coffee.

He found himself looking forward to this.

[Expecting one. NFB for distance.]


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